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Process Management

Tracks operational business processes, overseeing task executed by teams or automations from a single point of control managing end-to-end work execution in a unified interface.

Business Agility

Smooth transition to digital transformation with Robotic and AI automations in common flows with human tasks, while streamlining operations by building flexible, tailor-made and easy-to-use business solutions leading to rapid cost reductions.

Data Integrity & Visibility

Real-time information sharing and team collaboration, with notifications while advanced embedded analytics allow stakeholders to improve existing procedures.
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Core Platform

A multi-organization cloud solution with web and mobile intuitive interfaces allow multiple working groups internal and external to collaborate over a solid workflow engine under a user-friendly environment. TechInsights performs millions of actions over tasks, milestones, notifications, reports and dashboards in a quick and efficient way.

Workflow Management

A solid workflow engine that allows companies to automate their most challenging business processes and provides a robust set of tools, to accomplish human and automation tasks, while measuring and improving through extensive process analytics.

Reports & Analytics

An advanced embedded reporting system comprising widgets and real-time dashboards is available and fully manageable by project administrators. Complete transparency with process, teams and users performance analytics available and personalized for different stakeholder roles.


A high-level system with custom, scheduled and on-demand actions as well as instant, personalized notifications over a variety of channels (email, SMS, push-notifications) is applicable. A whole automated proactive system is by default set up to help every user avoid missing SLA obligations.

Task & Milestone Management

More efficient work assignment is organized with tasks for reaching goals, group collaboration and knowledge sharing, while a parallel process with record tracking flows mainly used on financial information progresses visibility in terms of meeting predefined milestone's goals and conditions.


TechInsights module Crosslink is microservice platform enables RPA, ML and AI automations, to boost process efficiency. Unified task management empowers a smooth transition from human tasks to zero-touch automations.

Industries & Services

TechInsights allows enterprises to quickly build and evolve projects to meet their customer and employee needs
and drive digital transformation on a business scale.

Limitless Αccess from Εverywhere

TechInsights dedicated team of experts work with clients to provide customized solutions
based on the business processes, workflows, existing systems and reporting requirements.

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Mobile app works in conjunction with the web portal to provide a wireless and seamless method of field and data synchronization to all operation teams.
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